• Mertolengo Cattle

  • Mertolengo Cattle


Cattle Breeding


At Calhariz you can find three several breeds of cattle: pure Mertolengo, pure Charolais and also a third breed resulting from the crossing of Mertolengo with Charolais. The Mertolengo is a native breed of the south of Portugal, which produces meat of excellence and is known for its hardiness and adaptation to Mediterranean ecosystems. The Mertolengo heard of “Casa de Calhariz”, is composed of about 60 cows. The herd is inscribed in the the Studbook of Mertolengo breed. In a separate fence there is a herd of Mertolengo cows which are crossed with Charolais bulls. There is also another herd of about 20 pure Charolais cows, which graze in separate fence.

All cattle at “Casa de Calhariz” grazes in sealed fences, with natural pasture where cattle can roam free. The cattle is of recognizably superior quality and their meat a delicacy.

Other Calhariz Estate Activities

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